Courier Services

I have no  specific arrangements with a courier but here are a few pointers if you intended to send your bike to me.  It’s fairly straight forward for you to arrange delivery and collection both ways. Alternatively I can arrange the courier for you.
I can work with a complete bike or a bare frame so the courier cost will vary depending on size/weight of box. Couriers tend to charge on size not weight so for the most economical shipping keep the size to a minimum.
NOTE. Always put a support of some sort between the rear dropouts (and front if applicable). This area of the frame is vulnerable during transport and something as simple as a tightly rolled tube of cardboard held in place with tape can prevent possible damage to your valuable bike. Also consider removing the rear derailleur (or simply unbolting and wrapping then tying to the frame) as this does not want to sit on the bottom of the box.
   A standard size cardboard bike box (available free or cheaply from your local bike shop) has dimensions of approximately 145cm x 25cm x 80cm and will weigh about 15KG with a complete bike inside (less wheels).
 Try  (£25) for an economical service. Be aware the maximum box size for this carrier is 160cm long and the sum of the width and height no more than 120cm.
  A frame size box will be approximately 100cm x 20cm x 75cm and will weigh about 6KG with a frame inside.,  and  are good comparison sites for smaller boxes.
  As your bike is valuable it is worth noting the insurance cover being offered.
   Oversea Customers.
   I will (and do) receive frames from overseas. Even though the shipping price can rise it can still be a cost effective way to rescue a frame with this problem. 
  If you intend to courier your bike to me, payment for my removal service can be made by bank transfer, cheque or paypal (+4%).
john lee the seatpost man