Our Services & Costs

Conventional Seatpost

I have designed and fabricated a full set of bespoke tooling purely for extracting very tight or seized seatposts from bicycle frames.

This method involves a straight withdrawal of the post without any of the torsional stresses involved by attempting to twist it out or the use of acids, chemicals or heat which could affect the frame or components over time. It also has a high degree of success in leaving the post in a suitable condition to be reused, a bonus especially with higher value seatposts.

I offer this service for a cost of  £69.99 plus any handling/courier charges

Unconventional Seatpost

Have something unusual?

For unconventional seatpost shapes (elliptical/aero type, MTB dropper posts etc) I am willing to look at each job on an individual basis.

As a guide a MTB dropper seatpost removal is  £99.99  plus any handling/courier charges

If you feel you have use for this service or require further information please do not hesitate to contact me

Customers are more than welcome to drop off their bikes and by appointment a same day service can be arranged.

My turnaround is generally within 1-2 days but please check around holiday periods.