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Hi John, I would just like to thank you very much for your incredible service which made the whole process so simple for me from the initial phone call to receiving my bike frame within 4 Days with a beautifully cleaned out  ‘seat tube’                                                                                                                                                                                         Awesome mate and I will be recommending you to all my biking buddy’s!

Mr. F

Top job earlier.
I felt I’d met the Guy Martin of the seat post world!
( As a side note,  The Seatpost Man takes this as a big compliment! )

North Wales Cycle Surgery

Some jobs you just have to get the specialists to do, My Ti frame had a well and truly stuck Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost, enter The Seatpost Man..I went for a stroll along the canal and 1.5 hrs later I had an undamaged Ti frame and a usable seatpost (although it’s now in my spares box). I would recommend his service to anyone with the same problem and I don’t like to cross over the border to the wrong side of the Pennines!

Mr. S

Unbelievable service today by this man, I travelled down for 9 this morning after discovering i had bought a carbon framed MTB with a seized ail post. 1.5 hours later a call to say it was ready to collect AND !! To top it off i was only the 500th consecutive successful seatpost removal.                                                                                                                WOW!!

Mr. H

Thank you very much John for saving both my beloved Gios race frame and the Campagnolo titanium seat pin I managed to get seized inside it.
Excellent super quick and efficient service at a very reasonable price.
Highly recommended!

Mr. M

Absolutely amazing, thought that was it for the bike with an aluminium seat post seized into a carbon frame. In comes the seatpost man and saves the day. We had professionals say they wouldn’t touch it but within a few hours he had it out. Extremely reasonable prices for what we sent his way. Very appreciative for all the help. Highly recommend anyone try this first before taking it to a repair shop. It saves all the hassle.

Mrs. C

The Seatpost man specialises in professionally removing tight or seized seatposts from bicycle frames using a totally unique method which will withdraw the post (intact if possible) in a safe and frame friendly way.

Specialist Bicycle Seatpost Removal Service

To Our Clients

I am happy to offer this service to individual customers and I also receive recommendations and work from established and highly regarded bike shops nationally. After many years of specialising in this problem I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and tooling to allow me to remove seatposts that would previously have rendered the frame useless. I treat every bike with the utmost care and understand the value , both cost and sentimental, that a bike can have to its owner.

To date (February 2018) the running total is 700 + consecutive successful removals with 100% customer satisfaction.

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Some bikes are built to go fast, some are built to last. This one was definitely the latter. A Surly Long Haul trucker passed through the workshop after travelling through Canada, USA, Indonesia, Aus. and NZ. It's owner had replaced his Dawes Galaxy and, I quote, " I got the Surly after a number of mechanical mishaps in Tajikistan" . How many people can say that? (with the possible exception of Charlie Hobbs 🙂 )

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Last summer I got an enquiry from Larry over in the USA. He had a beautiful Niner MTB with a seized KS dropper post. His local service centre had tried but failed to remove it leaving it in a bit of a state. Looking at photos is OK but the only way to really take a look is in my workshop so within a few days it was in Chorley. The removal went well and it was back on the plane a couple of days later. The extra shipping added a little to the cost but I know Larry was very happy to get his $2500 frame back home and rebuilt. ...

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A Happy New Year to All! I'm back in the 'shop and here's the first job of 2018. Before and after photos of a nice carbon Ridley Helium. As a side note be very careful attempting to twist seatposts out of similar frames, they are not made to take these sort of forces. ...

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Hey, I have a brand new website courtesy of Manage Those Things. Here's to a great 2018!
Regards John (The Seatpost Man)

When a client asks if you can get a website completely revamped for a Christmas present, we said, "of course"! Well done to the whole team & The Seatpost Man for the work put in to get this site live today. Another happy customer & hope there's more happy bikes too 🙂 "It's fabulous TJ!!!!!Thank you so much! Xx" Happy Christmas & fab present from a spouse 🙂

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